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Window Cleaning Franken Germany : There are strong  differences between the  way window cleaning in other countries is carried out compared to the cleaning of  windows in Germany. There are many talented window cleaners that can be found all over the world nationality is  no way to determine if someone is talented or good at something. One striking difference to be found is the diffference in the  time between the intervals of window cleaning appointements. Due to the internet now  i myself have found that the tools and techniques which window cleaners are getting closer together  but regardless of  how much your window cleaning van is worth or how many tools you have in it    carrying out first class work and to be more precise  delivering thorough work  reliably  each and every time depends from individual to individual.

The German Window cleaning System

The German WIndow Cleaning system is based on logic and practicality.The Majority of private German homes and business wish to have  clean windows  and orderley and clean premises. The German people are known for their cleanliness and is in effect one of the secrets of their success. From my experience of Window cleaning 25 years in germany i have attained  great experience of window cleaning and many other cleaning services, The fact is the majority of private  customers want to have their window cleaned 2 times a year on average  followed by yearly  customers   and then lastly their are those that want them cleaned  3 or even 4 times and year. There are the odd few that want it more. One of the major differences to Window cleaning firms in germany and let us say Holland a nd the Uk is that the Germans often  have  both teh insides and the outsides of teh windows including cleaning of the Window frames and also the Window sills.  Having your windows  cleaned 2  times a year both the insides and the outsides complete including frames and sills is the wisest and best way to maintain healthy and clean windows. It may cost more per clean but the quality of the   clean is much higher . Quality always  wins out against quantity in most cases.  The customer wins for several reason . Privacy  and peace of mind are maintained  knowing that all areas of the window have been cleaned including the  tracks and sills and that you only get to see you window cleaner twice yearly instead of 12 times a year . Like they  do in the UK. Window Cleaning Franken Germany Nuremberg Fürth Erlangen Schwabach Feucht

Combining different cleaning services to save money

The great thing about being a Window cleaner in Germany is that you can easily add other cleaning services onto the window cleaning Which you offer. Those could be a whole range  of cleaning services.

for example

  • Conservatory Cleaning
  • Sunblind Cleaning
  • Glass Cleaning
  • Awning Cleaning
  • Stone Cleaning
  • Pressure Washing
  • Solar Panel Cleaning
  • Shop Window Cleaning  and much more !
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